When I search Work Truck magazine’s website for the keywords, “tire price,” more than 700 news items pop up – with the overarching theme of “prices rise again.”

According to an article by Mike Antich entitled, “The Forecast is for Higher Tire Prices in 2012,” tire prices have increased an average of 6 to 9 percent per year for fleets, with higher prices forecast to continue their upward trends. Truck tire shipments, according to the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA), were up 15.4 percent for truck tires.

So, we want to know, what are your truck tire purchasing trends? If your fleet purchases medium-duty truck tires, please, take a moment and check out our brief, confidential questionnaire:


The results will be shared in a future issue of Work Truck magazine for benchmarking purposes. So, be sure your input is included and help us continue to have the best, most comprehensive data.

I know, as do we all, that even though tire prices (like fuel) are rising, they still must be purchased. Fleet vehicles won't roll on without them. 

Share how increased prices are impacting your fleet by commenting below. And don’t forget, take our questionnaire today! 


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