Mitch Donald, co-owner of Superior Pool Service, shakes hands with Cheryl Fulgham, his Business Elite representative.

Mitch Donald, co-owner of Superior Pool Service, shakes hands with Cheryl Fulgham, his Business Elite representative.

For Mitch Donald, a partnership with General Motors’ Business Elite program can be described as “ease of service.” Working with the program has allowed him to focus on his business rather than having to spend time searching for the right fleet vehicles.

“I never have to go pick up a truck at the dealership; it is always delivered to my office,” says Donald, co-owner of Superior Pool Service. “Having a partnership with Business Elite has made my life and business a lot smoother.”

Founded in 1985, Donald and his wife Stacy started Superior Pool Service as a mom-and-pop operation working out of their home. Thirty years later, the company has 27 employees and 25 fleet vehicles, everything from flatbeds to cutaway vans to small utility vehicles to pickups. Donald’s fleet vehicles travel 15,000 to 20,000 miles per year cleaning, repairing and renovating pools within the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.

The company services 30% commercial and 70% residential pools, including fountains and large community pools.

Over the last two years, Donald has purchased 10 trucks and vans from his Business Elite representative Cheryl Fulgham, who works at Thompson Group Classic Chevrolet. Not only does Fulgham help him find the right vehicle for his company’s needs, but she is also in charge of ordering the vehicles and having them upfitted.

Customer Service

Launched in 2013, the Business Elite program is equipped to meet the needs of small fleet customers. This partnership doesn’t end with the purchase of a vehicle; it continues through the lifecycle of the fleet.

“The Chevrolet and GMC Business Elite program provides customers a true partner who knows their business inside and out, and will ensure that the customer doesn’t miss a beat if they need a vehicle delivered to a job site or outfitted to meet specific demands,” says Jim Connelly, manager, General Motors Business Elite Program. “Small businesses use their vehicles daily to deliver their promise to their customers, so they don’t have the luxury of time when it comes to a vehicle being out of service.”

In addition to helping pick out vehicles and providing business financing options, Business Elite representatives also provide small fleets with round-the-clock towing, regular scheduled maintenance and work-ready loaners.

“I had a problem with a truck a few weeks ago,” says Donald. “Cheryl picked up the truck, had it fixed at the dealership and brought it back to my office. They will even provide a loaner if it’s something we need.”

Diverse Fleet

Because his company is divided three ways between cleaning pools, repairing pools and renovating pools, Donald has specific vehicles for each type of job.

For cleaning pools, the half-ton pickups are upfitted with racks and crossover toolboxes to carry cleaning equipment and chemicals. Used by the plumbing and renovation crews, the ¾-ton trucks contain utility racks for transporting repair equipment and materials such as pipe fitting, pumps and filters. Equipped with customized utility boxes, the cutaway vans carry materials used to repair and service pools, including pumps and motors.

To perform renovations and construction jobs, the fleet’s one-ton flatbed trucks transport heavy equipment and materials such as pallets of rock, cement, sand, tile and brick, says Donald.

“The main advantage of working with GM’s Business Elite Program is the quality of customer service we receive,” says Stacy Donald, co-owner. “We call Cheryl with a description of the vehicle we need and within a short amount of time she delivers the vehicle to us.”

Mitch with one of his fleet's cutaway vans.

Mitch with one of his fleet's cutaway vans.

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