Craftsman Mach Series T-Handle Kit

Photo courtesy of Craftsman.

Photo courtesy of Craftsman.

Designed to enable a user to break loose fasteners, the T-Handle’s adjustable collar can be locked into one of three positions. This will help maintain a grip when trying to get hard-to-reach fasteners, according to Craftsman.

The T-Handle kit comes equipped with a ¼-inch bit adapter and 15 bits to work with various fastener sizes. With the square drive on the handle’s grip, users can get three times more torque when compared to the long arm square drive.

Additionally, the T-Handle collar has been tested to over 1,700 rotations per minute (RPM).
The kit is available for $39.99 at or Sears stores nationwide (

Photo courtesy of Craftsman.

Photo courtesy of Craftsman.


Craftsman Mach Series Drive Ratchet

Craftsman’s ratchet combines three tools in one: push twisting screwdriver, ratcheting screwdriver and 3/8-inch drive ratchet. Equipped with 72 teeth and a five-degree arch, this drive ratchet is 16 times more efficient than a traditional ratchet, according to Craftsman.

Featuring an expandable, reversible helix shaft, the ratchet delivers 1.5 revolutions per stroke. For better maneuverability in tight places, the roto flex head rotates 270 degrees.

To maintain a better grip, the dual material handle features a reversing adjustment, and the head and collar can switch from forward to reverse.

The ratchet is available for $49.99 at or Sears stores nationwide (

Dual Lamp Headlight

Larson Electronics’ LED headlight (EXP-LED-HL-X2) features three LED emitters that can be worn on the head or attached to a hard hat. The explosion-proof headlight provides up to 18 hours of light, according to the company.

Photo courtesy of Larson Electronics.

Photo courtesy of Larson Electronics.

Powered by three AA batteries, the light beam provides up to 170 lumens in output. An elastic head strap and a rubber hard hat strap provide users the option to wear the unit directly or mount it to their hard hats.

Push button switches allow a user to switch between the different light modes. The right push button operates the spotlight while the left push button operates the full-power floodlight, the half-power floodlight and the red floodlight.

The headlamp is available for $89.98. For more information, visit

JUNOJUMPR Car Battery Jump Starter

Photo courtesy of Juno Power.

Photo courtesy of Juno Power.

Juno Power’s JUNOJUMPR features a lightweight external battery (6,000 mAh battery pack) that can jump a dead car battery in minutes. Additionally, it also features a USB 5V 2.1A output, which can charge devices such as smartphones, cameras and tablets.

Only weighing 7 ounces, the JUNOJUMPR is portable and compact. Despite its small size, it can produce a 12 volt output at a peak of 300 amps, says the company.

“300 amps is enough to jump-start almost all 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder engines as well as possibly enough to jump-start more depending on type of model,” according to Juno Power’s website.

Available for $99.99, the JUNOJUMPR also comes with proprietary jumper cables. For more information, visit

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