Screenshot via  NewsOn6 .

Screenshot via NewsOn6.

Borets-Weatherford is a subsidiary of Borets, a leading global provider specializing in the engineering, manufacture, sales and service of Electric Submersible Pump systems (ESPs).

The Fleet: Borets-Weatherford operates a fleet of nearly 50 trucks.

The Challenge: In July 2012 Borets-Weatherford (BW) faced specific challenges that required it to find a fast and efficient solution.

First, the company needed to find a more accurate way to report to the State of Texas the total miles driven and gallons purchased in order to maintain its International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) license.

Second, with the rising cost of fuel, it was also imperative to take control of fuel consumption and stop unnecessary fuel purchases.

The Solution: The telematics solution BW chose provided the ability to automatically generate the IFTA report, determine and monitor fuel consumption for each unit and driver, and efficiently monitor vehicle location at all times.

The Results: The benefit to IFTA was immediate. Since implementation, there has been a significant decrease of monthly fuel purchases for DOT units. On average, DOT drivers purchase 109 less gallons of fuel per month than they did prior to GPS tracking. Meanwhile, the total miles driven have remained constant. This suggests that the vehicles are used more efficiently and fuel abuse is on the decline.

Based upon the results of the statistical analysis of driving and purchasing behavior pre- and post-GPS implementation, for DOT units alone, BW has saved between $79,000-$80,000 in fuel purchases since July 2012.

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