The new fan favorite at Angels Stadium is the KLAA 830 AM Isuzu Reach. The vehicle with its eye-catching graphics supports station events.  
 -  Photo: Angels Radio

The new fan favorite at Angels Stadium is the KLAA 830 AM Isuzu Reach. The vehicle with its eye-catching graphics supports station events. 

Photo: Angels Radio 

There’s a new fan favorite at Angels Stadium in Anaheim, Calif., and it’s not a sports team. Needing an efficient way to get around and transport promotional materials, broadcasting equipment, and more, the team over at Angels Radio was loaned a Reach Van from Isuzu Commercial Truck of America (ICTA) at the start of the 2012 season.

AM 830 KLAA is the flagship station for the Los Angeles Angels baseball and Anaheim Ducks NHL hockey teams. A locally owned, operated, and produced radio station, it provides live sports and sports talk, serving Southern California. It also broadcasts live NFL and Notre Dame football games. Station programming includes sports talk shows and live shows that cover sports psychology, fishing, horse racing, boating, and other areas of interest to sports fans.

A Utilitarian & Good Looking Van

It’s not uncommon to see a vehicle or two at local radio stations. The team at KLAA has several applications for its vehicles, including supporting small, medium, and large events. And, the station’s reach is broad, stretching north from Los Angeles to south just over the Mexican border, and from the beaches on the west coast to Las Vegas in the east.

Station management was looking for a vehicle capable of supporting all of these events, plus more. Wherever there is a large group of people and its possible to make the radio station front and center, sports fans should keep their eyes peeled for the Angels Radio Reach.

“When the radio station is out in the community, we bring the van out. The vehicle is used in parades, local store openings, and is beautifully wrapped with eye-catching KLAA graphics,” said David Baronfeld, general manager for KLAA. “It’s essentially a mobile billboard for the station.”

Through a long-term contract, ICTA loaned the Reach to Angels Radio to show everyone the new product, and demonstrate to customers that the Reach is not only a commercial utility van.

“The success that AM830 and the Angels are having with the Reach is another way the truck can be used across the country,” according to Brian Tabel, retail marketing manager for ICTA.

The vehicle wrap was based on the same design used on previous promotional vehicles. The station liked the bright design and large logo, and Isuzu worked with us to have it put on the Reach.

“The vehicle is a perfect fit for all of our needs. It has a large enough cargo capacity to handle events such as our Christmas toy promos with thousands of toys, allowing us to consolidate our trips,” Baronfeld continued. “Plus, the vehicle is very fuel efficient, and we like that, too.”

A Big Vehicle with a Small Feel

Before the vehicle was delivered, ICTA brought down a demo unit for drivers to test. The station wanted to be sure the vehicle would be easy to drive and operate.

Jorge Sevilla, promotions manager for the station, is one of the vehicle’s frequent drivers.

“It’s very easy to drive, even though it’s a 22-foot-long vehicle. It may seem large, but it drives light,” Sevilla said. “Everything is in one place; whether it’s a station appearance or a remote broadcast, it’s just what we need.”

“We are thrilled that AM 830 has recognized the ruggedness, durability, fuel efficiency, and environmental friendliness of the Reach, as they use it in all their promotional events,” Tabel noted. “Isuzu is very proud to be working with AM830/Angels now, and for years to come.” 

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