A roundup of images from some of the top articles in 2017 covering upfitting, maintenance, spec'ing, and fuel.

A roundup of images from some of the top articles in 2017 covering upfitting, maintenance, spec'ing, and fuel.

The 2017 calendar-year brought about a whole lot of discussion revolving around the electronic logging device (ELD) mandate, increased interest in truck maintenance and fueling, as well as in-depth discussions about service level agreements and full-service leases.

These topics, among others, showed up among the 10 most-viewed articles on WorkTruckOnline.com in 2017. Here's the full list:

1. Know Your Fluids, Part 1 
Fluids are critical for fleet health — are you current on your fluid knowledge? In part 1 of this three-part series, making the right choices about which oil to use, maintenance needs, and more are shared. (By Bob Stanton)

2. All About the ELD Mandate
From the basics regarding compliance to details regarding costs and benefits, everything the vocational truck fleet manager needs to know about the upcoming deadline for the ELD mandate is shared. (By Lauren Fletcher)

3. 10 Disadvantages to Using a Service-Level Agreement
Standardized delivery timelines stipulated in an SLA can create unrealistic expectations. Also, the relationship can become transactional in nature, with a risk of damaging the relationship if there are penalties for missed metrics. (By Mike Antich)

4. Pros & Cons of On-Site Fueling
From pricing to convenience, there are many benefits for an on-site fueling facility. But, time to recoup initial investments and additional maintenance requirements should be considered. (By Lauren Fletcher)

5. Tips for Spec'ing Engines & Transmissions
With new advancements in technology impacting price, fuel economy, and maintenance intervals, properly spec’ing engines and transmissions for your work trucks is more important than ever. (By Lauren Fletcher)

6. Benefits of  Service Level Agreement with Upfitters
This two-part article examines the pros and cons of a service level agreement (SLA) with an upfitter. Part 1 examines the advantages of an SLA and how to correctly structure its metrics. (By Mike Antich)

7. Delivery Fleet's Van Reaches 500,000 Miles
Delivery fleets are always on the road, putting miles on their vehicles faster than most other vocational fleets. While newer vehicles are extending lifecycles beyond previous models, one fleet van hit the half-million-mile mark. (By Lauren Fletcher)

8. Effectively Managing Fuel in Truck Fleets
Managing fuel is about so much more than a price tag. Fuel professionals share insight into best practices for fleets to get a handle on rising costs, cut down on fuel use, and keep track of purchases. (By Roselynne Reyes)

9. 11 Innovators in Telematics
The telematics industry is an integral part of today’s fleet landscape and there are a number of innovative people helping advance and improve the business. (By Lauren Fletcher)

10. What to Know Before Opting for a Full-Service Lease
A full-service lease provides many added benefits beyond traditional lease options. Growing in popularity, there are situations where it may not be the ideal option as well as some common misperceptions. (By Lauren Fletcher)