Photo: Toyota

Photo: Toyota

Toyota Motor Corp. plans to introduce its hydrogen cell-fueled Mirai to the Australian market, according to

Toyota did not provide a timetable for when the Mirai would hit the market in Australia, but a smaller, cheaper version of the car could be released in 2019.

The country now has only one hydrogen refuelling station that's located at the Hyundai head office in Sydney. As part of the Hornsdale Windfarm project, the Australian Capital Territory government has planned to build a refuelling station to accommodate 20 Hyundai fuel-cell vehicles. The government has also spent $55 million on a hydrogen electrolyser.

Toyota currently has Mirai demonstration vehicles travelling across the country in an effort to lobby for support to build more hydrogen-refuelling infrastructure.

So far, 4,300 Toyota Mirai models have been sold across Japan, Europe, and the United States since it launched in 2015, according to Reuters. Production of the vehicle is capped at 3,000 per year.

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