Photo of Workhorse W-15 by Chris Brown.

Photo of Workhorse W-15 by Chris Brown.

Workhorse Group Inc. will showcase its latest electric delivery van at CES 2018, along with its previously unveiled plug-in hybrid pickup truck and a hybrid electric helicopter.

Debuting at CES 2018 is the company’s N-Gen low-delivery platform electric delivery van, according to Workhorse. It features a 19-inch floor to maximize cargo space, and will deliver an anticipated range of 100 miles, with an optional gasoline range extender adding 75 more miles. Its range is in improvement over the company’s currently available electric delivery truck, the E-Gen, which has a range of 60 miles, and an extended range also at 60 miles.

The N-Gen electric delivery van is scheduled to begin package deliveries for a large e-commerce company within the next two months, the company said in a release. Optional to the N-Gen, as with the E-Gen, is the use of the Horsefly Drone. The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Delivery System and truck are compliant with all FAA regulations.

Also being showcased at CES 2018 is the company’s hybrid-electric helicopter, or “octocopter,” which first debuted at the Paris Air Show. The SureFly aircraft is designed to be safer and more stable than a typical helicopter, the company stated in a release, and its redundant design includes four propeller arms, two fixed contra-rotating propellers on each arm.

The SureFly is currently securing flight approval from the FAA. It features an aircraft gas combustion engine generating electricity and a parallel battery pack offering a redundant backup power source, and will be marketed toward precision agriculture, emergency responders, city commuters and the military.

Also on display will be the Workhorse W-15, a plug-in hybrid pickup truck, which originally debuted at the ACT Expo conference Long Beach, Calif. on May 2. The W-15 light-duty platform design is an extension of the E-Gen electric technology used in Workhorse medium-duty delivery trucks, the company said. Unladen, the half-ton pickup is expected to deliver an 80-mile battery range. The truck is equipped with an onboard gasoline generator that operates after battery power has been depleted.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet