Photo courtesy of Genie

Photo courtesy of Genie

Genie introduced new Xtra Capacity (XC) telescopic S-60 XC, S-65 XC, S-80 XC and S-85 XC booms with a lift capacity of 660 pounds unrestricted and 1,000 pounds restricted. Customers can work with up to three people on board while still leaving room for tools and job site materials.

The new models feature automatic envelope control, or the ability to automatically retract as the booms reach their operating envelope. A load sense cell continuously checks the weight in the platform and limits the operating envelope to match the load chart, all while boasting the ability to do zero load field calibrations. 

A new chassis tilt sensor gives operators access to different ranges of motion based on the chassis angle. It is engineered to automatically cut out certain lift and drive functions when the tilt activation setting is reached.

Genie's Lift Power solution includes a dedicated hydraulic circuit, a right-sized breaker and no-pressure switch to reliably run the unit, and allows for the power to lift and drive during operation. The system is available in three options — 3 kW, 7 kW and 12 kW. All Genie XC booms have been updated with a CAN-based control system, which incorporates Genie's SmartLink control system. 

The Genie S-60 XC boom has a 65 foot, 9 inch working height with 50 feet, 10 inches of outreach. The Genie S-65 XC model has a 71 foot, 1 inch working height with 54 feet, 2 inches of outreach. The Genie S-80 XC model boasts an 86-foot working height with 68 feet of outreach. The Genie S-85 XC boom has a 91-foot working height with 74 feet of outreach.

All four XC booms are available with a 74-hp Tier 4 Final diesel engine. The XC design includes a 6-foot dual entry or an 8-foot tri-entry platform with side-swing gate.