In an effort to streamline and centralize its production, BrandFX, a manufacturer of composite bodies for service and line trucks, announced its production move to Pocahontas, Iowa. The move is designed to help the company optimize manufacturing operations and efficiencies for its composite bodies.

The plant in Pocahontas, Iowa currently handles 35% of BrandFX’s total production and is receiving a facilities investment in excess of $1.5 million. This infusion will accommodate the increase in production. Additionally, the Pocahontas plant is home to many of the company’s most senior composite production experts.

“The move reflects our continued dedication to a better production process and to faster turn-around times for our customers. A good portion of operations will remain in our Fort Worth Headquarters. This includes Engineering, Administration, Sales, Research and Development, and Installation,” said Gary Heisterkamp, President of BrandFX.

BrandFX is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, and has more than 33 years of expertise in composite body design and construction. BrandFX is the world’s largest producer of advanced composite service truck bodies, providing line bodies, service bodies, inserts, tonneau covers, and toppers to many of the world’s largest utility and service fleets. The company manufactures all truck bodies in the U.S.