Another online seller has launched a tire installation network in the U.S. — eBay Motors. 

eBay Motors, a part of eBay Inc., said the service, which it unveiled in May in Germany, is now accessible to customers in the U.S., as of Oct. 19, 2017.

Shoppers who purchase tires on eBay can opt to have them shipped to a local installation location at no additional cost. The online selling platform has 9,000 installation locations across the U.S., "and tire inventory that spans across all major brands," according to the company.

eBay Motors says it is "redefining the automotive shopping experience."

“Every seven seconds, a wheel or tire part is sold on eBay Motors in the U.S.,” said Todd Madeiros, vice president of parts and accessories at eBay. “Now, with tire installation services, shoppers have access to eBay’s tire inventory, plus the added convenience of expert local installation to fully complete their automotive needs.”

eBay Motors also announced a Virtual Tech service. (Image courtesy of eBay Motors)

eBay Motors also announced a Virtual Tech service. (Image courtesy of eBay Motors)

Here’s how the service works:

  • With My Garage and a tire size finder, buyers can browse a selection of tires that fit their vehicle make and model.
  • The customer selects his or her preferred tires and chooses from a list of installers based on preferred location and price.
  • Shortly after the tires are purchased, the buyer contacts the desired tire shop to schedule an appointment for installation.
  • When the customer arrives for the installation, the tires will be there.

eBay says its tire installation services include mounting, wheel balancing, and installing new valves. The service prices reflect the installation charge for the number of tires purchased.

In addition, eBay has launched Virtual Tech, which allows buyers to shop and connect directly with Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certified technicians via an add-on cost.

The service gives buyers advice on what to purchase and how to install parts in order to repair or upgrade their car or truck. Virtual Tech sessions can be purchased for 10-minute ($19.95) or 20-minute ($49.95) durations. For a limited time, sessions will be discounted to $14.95 and $44.95, respectively.

“When shopping for parts and accessories, many of our buyers may stumble across a question or need directions when it comes to the installation process,” Madeiros said. “With our new Virtual Tech add-on, we’re bridging the gap and helping to connect shoppers with experienced professionals, while also providing them with our massive selection of inventory.”

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