At this year’s International Construction & Utility Equipment Expo (ICUEE), Versalift made several new product announcements that improve lineman safety and productivity.

Versalift introduced TruGuard 2.0, the most advanced dielectric isolation system in the aerial lift industry; the STP-36, a new light cable placer unit; and the TMD-4000 series of heavy duty digger derricks. Additionally, the company unveiled an interactive online training program designed to deliver operation and maintenance courses to linemen and technicians in a variety of industries.

"TruGuard 2.0 provides a 44% increase in dielectric protection and eliminates thermal pressure points, offering the highest level of protection to linemen in the bucket," said James Christian, director of engineering. "This year, we are especially excited to announce that Versalift will offer TruGuard 2.0 as standard equipment on every insulated aerial lift we deliver."

The TMD-4060-T and STP-36 are equipment made for the construction and maintenance of overhead telecommunication lines.

"We are excited to roll out our new lightweight cable placers and heavy digger derricks, and our customers are, too," said Jack Jeffrey, director of sales, adding, "this equipment strengthens and diversifies our product lineup, and will greatly benefit our customers."