Today, Spire is delivering on the promise made last year to unite its five natural gas utilities under one name to serve customers even better. As of this morning, communities served by Alagasco, Laclede Gas, Missouri Gas Energy, Mobile Gas, and Willmut Gas will see employees in Spire trucks and uniforms bringing safe, reliable energy to their neighborhoods.

"We're becoming Spire to serve people even better. Serving others is, and always has been, at the heart of what we do," said Spire President and CEO Suzanne Sitherwood. "To take that service to the next level, we had to unite our five natural gas utilities as one team, wearing one jersey."

Now, as the fifth-largest publicly traded natural gas utility in the United States, Spire is able to manage costs more efficiently — keeping prices low while delivering safe and reliable natural gas for homes and businesses.

In addition to the savings that come with a bigger company, homes, and businesses served by Spire will enjoy improved technology, with the launch today of a new mobile-friendly website that makes it easy to manage accounts on the go and get in touch with Spire's customer service team.

Another part of Spire's dedication to service is the company's increased commitment to the communities it serves, supporting hundreds of local nonprofit organizations and initiating employee volunteer programs. Starting this year, more than 500 Spire employees took part in a new program called "Day for Good" where they spent a day doing good in neighborhoods and communities across three states.

"There's no greater energy we can offer our communities than the 3,300 dedicated employees who come to work ready to serve every day. Now our employees can also use their energy to support the causes that mean so much to them," Sitherwood said.

Even the Spire logo, which comprises two shapes that form a handshake, symbolizes the company's dedication to connecting people with the energy they need to warm their homes, cook their meals and fuel their homes and businesses. While the Spire logo has already started appearing on trucks and vans, Spire's fleet will be transitioning through mid-October.

"We've proudly served the people of Alabama, Mississippi and Missouri for decades, and in most of our locations, for more than a century," Sitherwood said. "Now, we can't wait to show our communities all the ways we plan to serve them — even ­­better — as Spire."