Photo courtesy of Venco Venturo.

Photo courtesy of Venco Venturo.

Automotive Parts Solutions, a used auto parts supplier in the Rockville-St. Cloud area of Minnesota, has adopted a Venco Venturo VC1000 crane for handle its lifting needs.

Robert Witzmann, operations manager for Automotive Parts Solutions manages the recycling yard and the sale of drive train engines and transmissions. While many of the delivery vans are cube vans with heavy, expensive lift gates, Witzmann needed a crane solution for a medium-sized Ford Transit. Hydraulic lifts wouldn’t work as the only installation option was an expensive lift on the side that would be in the way and the customization required would have made one of the doors unusable since the doors fold back against the body of the van.

Automotive Parts Solutions worked with a truck equipment upfitter, North Central Truck Equipment, to install a specialized crane application developed by Venco Venturo, the Venturo VC1000 Van Crane, for the Ford Transit. The van crane features a horizontally articulated jib boom to reach deep within the van, maximum weight capacity of 1,000 pounds, and reach of 6 feet.

The VC1000 crane utilizes a dual floor-and-ceiling mounted mast that integrates with the van structure itself for structural integrity. The horizontally articulated boom uses roller bearings that allow the operator to guide the load in and out of the van. The crane also features two rotation control features for the primary and secondary booms that utilize two hand levers that operate multi-positional locks as an additional safeguard for operators. Standard features include a 12-volt DC, planetary gear, 1.3 horsepower winch, 12-foot corded controller, and a master disconnect switch. The crane folds up compactly against the wall and is protected from the weather.

Automotive Parts Solutions has used the VC1000 crane for almost two years, says Witzmann.

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