Image courtesy of LINE-X

Image courtesy of LINE-X

LINE-X announced a new industrial partnership with Curry Supply.  With a legacy more than 85 years in the making, Curry Supply is now applying LINE-X protective coatings to numerous different exterior components to provide a nearly impenetrable barrier against scratches, abrasions, harsh chemicals, and the elements.

LINE-X coatings will help extend the life of the vehicles and enable enhanced customization options with color-matching capabilities and other style preferences. Overall, Curry Supply products will now continue to look great after years of extreme conditions and hard work in the field. In addition to using LINE-X on their new vehicles, Curry Supply has also incorporated LINE-X protective coatings into their commercial vehicle reconditioning and restoration service.

“Curry Supply manufactures some of the very best construction and service vehicles available anywhere – and we believe that the addition of extreme protection from the elements and harsh conditions – makes them an even more formidable force in the construction, maintenance, and service industries,” said Dennis Weese, president of LINE-X. “Add in truly unique style and customization options – including color-matching capabilities through a ‘hot process’ – and Curry vehicles can now even better serve clients’ needs and preferences while keeping each vehicle looking and performing like new for years to come. We’re excited that LINE-X can be such a big part of taking Curry Supply products to the next level.”

Some of Curry Supply’s vehicles now available with LINE-X protective coatings include:

  • On and off-road water trucks
  • Mechanics trucksOn
  • On and off-road fuel and lube trucks
  • Crash attenuator trucks
  • Vacuum trucks
  • Winch trucks
  • Dump trucks
  • Lube skids

“When I was introduced to the LINE-X product, the opportunity to make our vehicles more resilient to tough conditions and elements, immediately came to mind,” said Jason Ritchey, president and owner of Curry Supply. “We are thrilled with what LINE-X coatings do to make our products even more compelling – including extended vehicle life and the ability for us to customize colors and surfaces. Even more, the continued support, training and customer service that LINE-X has provided us has been second-to-none.”