Image courtesy of Geotab

Image courtesy of Geotab

Geotab announced that Seeing Machines’ driver-safety solution, Guardian Solution, is now available in the Geotab Marketplace. Guardian is the latest Add-In application in the Marketplace, which launched in 2015 as a complement to the MyGeotab platform.

Seeing Machines, a leader in computer vision technologies, developed Guardian using advanced computer vision technology to detect and minimize driver fatigue and distraction events and associated accidents in commercial fleet applications such as trucking. The system has demonstrated it can achieve over 90% reduction in fatigue and distraction related driver events based on studies of worldwide deployment experience.

Guardian provides real-time, in-cabin alerts when fatigue or distraction is detected by the driver facing sensors, which work in all light conditions including night driving and the use of sunglasses. A forward-facing camera monitors the road and captures event video for analysis and assistance with accident or liability claims - all of which can provide valuable driver training insights and help reduce insurance costs.

The Guardian application is further connected to a 24/7 monitoring center and cloud analytics engine that gives fleet owners a variety of customizable intervention and analytics programs to complement their driver training and wellness initiatives. Guardian integrates with Geotab’s fleet management solution so dispatchers and drivers can intervene upon confirmed detection of danger events or patterns, with cloud analysis reporting of events also available.

The Geotab Marketplace provides an extensive ecosystem of valuable business focused applications and Add-Ons, helping customers add value to their Geotab fleet management solution. Launched in 2015 as a complement to the MyGeotab platform, the Marketplace is currently used by more than 14,000 Geotab customers.

“As we continue to stretch our arms in the artificial intelligence and machine learning space, we look to partner with pioneers such as Seeing Machines in order to provide our customers with new and ground-breaking technologies to streamline workflows,” said Joey Marlow, Geotab Executive Vice President of U.S. Operations. “We are delighted to add Seeing Machines and its advanced computer vision technology, Guardian, to the Geotab Marketplace. With Guardian, we are able to dramatically increase safety for not only the truck driver but surrounding motorists by preventing fatigued driving.”

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet