MasTec Advanced Technologies, a Coral Gables, Fla. telecommunications infrastructure company, has improved its visibility of fleet operations under a data partnership with ARI and Geotab, the fleet management company announced.

The parternship allowed MasTec AT to synthesize their data to create a more comprehensive analysis of the fleet of 4,500 drivers and 4,300 vehicles, which travel nearly 100 million miles a year.

"The new detailed views give us broader visibility and improved operational rigor," said Brian Santarcangelo, MasTec AT's vice president of technology solutions. "We can monitor who is driving each of our vehicles and know what's happening within our operating environment in real time."

The new technological ecosystem has streamlined fleet operations. For example, vehicle are no longer manually assigned to a driver. This process is now automated based on the location of the jobsite.

"A streamlined operation with improved data translates into better workforce management and improved operations," said Santarcangelo. "We know with certainty that technicians are spending less time behind the wheel and more time on the jobsite. We know this because we have the data."

When an issue arises with a vehicle, people who need to be aware are alerted immediately. With the data they started collecting, MasTec AT also was able to enhance their driver safety program to focus on the behavior of their drivers. Insights from the ARI and Geotab solutions are helping to fuel a new safety program at MasTec whereby drivers are recognized for safe behaviors that others can emulate.

MasTec AT has been working with ARI since 2012.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet