Work Truck magazine, along with sister publication Automotive Fleet, will be bringing Work Truck Exchange (WTX) to Phoenix from November 6 to 8. The event is an intimate meeting that pairs a select group of fleet managers with industry suppliers at an all-inclusive, networking retreat designed to accelerate the achievement of each participant’s unique business goals.

The hosted buyer event, which will be held at the Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort, will focus on fleets consisting of light- and medium-duty trucks and vans. The event consists of roundtable discussions, small audience presentations, and one-on-one meetings between buyers and the companies that serve them. Guests go through a qualification process that guarantees they are a perfect match for the vendors and suppliers also in attendance. Selected guests receive an all-expense paid trip to participate.

As an active participant at WTX, fleet managers will have an opportunity to connect and collaborate with other action-minded individuals involved in commercial fleets and exchange ideas with fleet managers, maintenance managers, and fleet executives. The entire event is designed to help fleet managers exchange information, explore ideas, extend their network, and expand options.

In addition, every WTX participant receives a custom-made, personalized agenda that offers:

  • Insights and advice from leaders in the industry.
  • Interactive roundtable discussions with industry peers.
  • Dynamic group presentations from industry suppliers.
  • Custom, one-on-one consultations with industry suppliers.
  • Unique, engaging, and memorable social functions.
  • Solutions to current and future challenges.

Hosted buyer events are a concept imported from the European business market more than a decade ago. They create an informal setting in which qualified buyers, or those with the decision-making responsibilities at a fleet, in this case, are paired with companies attuned to their specific industry.

Bobit Business Media, the world’s largest fleet publisher, has served the fleet market for more than 55 years. Work Truck, Automotive Fleet, and Bobit Business Media have an established relationship with fleet professionals and the companies that serve them, which enables a deep-rooted understanding of the industry and the issues it faces, as well as the solutions that can best fit a fleet’s needs.

Together, we have crafted an event where industry thought leaders have the opportunity to explore the essential components of creating and maintaining efficient and effective light- and medium-duty truck and van fleets.

To apply for participation or find out more about the event, visit the event website here.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet

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