Photo via Flickr/Western Area Power

Photo via Flickr/Western Area Power

Utility construction providers and purchases have been invited to contribute to a new set of voluntary standards designed to help make the construction and refurbishment of utility facilities more sustainable.

The Construction Services voluntary standard has been developed by the Electric Utility Industry Sustainable Supply Chain Alliance to support utilities with identifying sustainable practices in the area of construction services.

It is based on successful practices compiled by Alliance members and consists of the following parts: definition of Construction Services; Key Drivers; Key Opportunities; and Implementation Guidance, as well as practices in Jobsite Repackaging, Recycling and Waste, and Materials Handling.

The document will be available for public comment via our website between July 20 and August 20, 2017. Access to review the voluntary standard is open to members and non-members. Click here to read the document. Feedback should be sent to