Michael Loizzo Photo: Modagrafics

Michael Loizzo Photo: Modagrafics

Modagrafics, a company that designs and applies tailored graphics for fleet vehicles,  has named Michael Loizzo vice president of sales following a national search.

Modagrafics says it was looking for an individual with an impressive track record in innovation, leadership, and a passion for the business, both inside and outside of the fleet market.

“I wanted to make sure they would fit into our culture, be heavily engaged in the sales process, and be able to add value to our sales and operational efforts on a daily basis,” said Paul Pirkle, president and CEO of Modagrafics. “Michael understands how our traditional products relate to the Spedian Vehicle Graphics System and BlackBerry Radar, in addition to how integral the Rapidus app is to our overall approach. He gets it, and I’m confident he will be a huge asset for Modagrafics.”

In his new position, Loizzo will focus on building customer relationships and generating revenue for Modagrafics products. He will collaborate with Brian Leyden, Modagrafics director of retail sales, to introduce retail graphics to fleet customers and fleet solutions to retail customers.

In his last job, Loizzo was the president of a Chicago area national pallet and crating provider, where he managed day-to-day operations.

“At my last company, the team took pride in our accessibility and responsiveness; every inquiry was a priority, and every situation was followed up with a solution,” said Loizzo. “Here at Modagrafics, we have a team of people who bleed what the organization represents, from top to bottom.”

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet