Image via Ryder System

Image via Ryder System

Ryder System has launched a new cloud-based platform, called NaviShare, to provide real-time shipment visibility, predictive alerts, and exception handling, routing, and analytics.

NaviShare is accessible through a website and mobile application linking shippers with onboard vehicle technologies. The system allows shippers to view and manage shipments while also delivering information updates and routing instructions to drivers. NaviShare will be available to all Ryder customers in North America in the third quarter of 2017.

“We took an innovative approach in developing Ryder NaviShare by collaborating with several of our customers who were seeking greater network visibility and proactive event management around their shipments,” said Steve Sensing, president of global supply chain solutions, Ryder. “NaviShare ultimately gives our customers the ability to cut costs and improve operating efficiencies, all through a simple, digital experience. The end result is better customer service.”

NaviShare provides information in real-time regarding load status, tracking status, carriers, shippers, customers, origins, and destinations. The platform was developed through a partnership with FourKites, a tracking and supply chain visibility solutions provider.

If there is a delay in shipment while in transit, NaviShare can alert the shipper and recipient and provide the shipper with a list of re-routing options. It also has the ability to track shipments at an SKU/part level and to monitor the condition of the load.

Later this year, NaviShare will include additional planning and analytics features that will enable freight capacity sharing as well as management of shipments through predictive alerts for weather and traffic delays. With these capabilities, the NaviShare tool and Ryder logistics engineers will be able to prescribe immediate solutions to reduce impacts to cost and service.

For more information on NaviShare, click here.

Originally posted on Trucking Info