The Metropolitan Utilities District of Omaha (MUD) is the newest subscriber to Critigen's Lemur software-as-a-service (SaaS) Platform. Offline access to data in the enterprise GIS will ensure MUD’s field crews can access essential engineering and location information in the event of emergency, and in network dead zones, while reducing cellular data costs.

“Lemur will empower our people in the field by providing consistent access to GIS data regardless of the cellular network availability” said Raied Stanley, Metropolitan Utilities District Vice President of Information Technology Services. “As field crews respond to job sites and emergencies, they will have comfort in knowing that their critical GIS data is available even if cellular connectivity is not available. When cellular service is available the iPads will be updated with the latest GIS data available via a secured cloud environment.”

Critigen is delivering Lemur with a simple, offline mobile application that ensures the security of the data provided. The Lemur Platform allows easy provision of GIS data to the mobile devices through a centralized configuration that will ensure users have the data they need with controls to ensure they get correct, current data. Adoption of Lemur for offline GIS viewing also allows MUD to leverage its investment into a direct integration with its recently implemented mobile work management solution, SAP Work Manager.

Critigen Lemur is a configurable mapping platform that can be embedded in multiple mobile work management tools, Lemur Geocache for centralized management of offline GIS data and a GeoEnricher for adding location and other information from the GIS to data sourced from other business systems. It is available as a service or as on-prem software.