Photo via Wikimedia.

Photo via Wikimedia.

The national average price for unleaded gasoline has fallen for 10 consecutive days to $2.30 per gallon following nearly a month of flat prices, according to AAA.

The price is now one cent lower than a week ago, two cents more than a month ago, and 37 cents higher than a year ago.

AAA expects prices to fall in the near feature along with declining crude oil prices and a well-supplied market. Prices are expected to creep up over the next month during season refinery maintenance and the May 1 switchover to summer-blend gasoline. Additional production cuts from OPEC could drive prices higher, according AAA.

The nation’s five least expensive markets are South Carolina ($2.03), Tennessee ($2.05), Alabama ($2.05), Mississippi ($2.07) and Arkansas ($2.09). The nation’s most dramatic weekly change in prices came in Indiana (down 11 cents), Ohio (down eight cents), Michigan (down eight cents), Kentucky (down eight cents) and Oregon (up eight cents).

Meanwhile, the average price of diesel fell 1.5 cents to $2.564. Diesel is now 46.5 cents higher than a year ago, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet