Two of every five vocational truck fleet managers plan to increase their vehicle count in 2017 and more than half now use telematics, according to the NTEA's 2017 Fleet Purchasing Outlook.

Of the respondents, 41% were government, 15% were utility (including telecom), 14% were delivery, 11% were construction, and 19% were other.

The fleet managers also said they're increasingly turning to diesel power to complete jobs — 77% said they would maintan or increase usage of diesel trucks. Respondents also reported diminished interest in alternative fuels due to lower oil and fuel prices.

The truck managers reported a decline in aging trucks — 40% said their truck age is rising. Average truck age is five to 10 years, which is a decline from the 2016 survey. However, 56% said their vehicles exceed the mornal replacement cycle.

About 89% said they have likely-to-sure funding to purchase new trucks, which is an increase from the 86% reported a year ago.

To download the full report, visit the NTEA's website.

Originally posted on Government Fleet