Graphic courtesy of TomTom.

Graphic courtesy of TomTom.

TomTom 2017 Traffic Index report found that Mexico City took the top spot as the most congested city in the world, according to the annual report that details cities around the world with the most traffic congestion.

Drivers in the Mexican capital spend an average of 66% extra travel time stuck in traffic anytime of the day (7% percentage points up on last year), and up to 101% in the evening peak periods versus a free flow, or uncongested, situation – adding up to 227 hours of extra travel time per year.

Following Mexico City are Bangkok (61%), Jakarta (58%), Chongqing (52%) and Bucharest (50%) that make up the top five most congested cities in the world.

Using data from 2016, the TomTom Traffic Index looks at the traffic congestion situation in 390 cities in 48 countries on six continents, according to the company. TomTom works with nearly 19 trillion data points that have been accumulated over nine years.

This is the sixth year of the TomTom Traffic Index.

In Europe, Bucharest (50%) knocked Moscow (44%) off last year’s top spot, with Saint Petersburg (41%), London (40%) and Marseille (40%) making up the top five.

North America’s top five most congested cities remained the same as the previous year – Mexico City (66%), Los Angeles (45%), San Francisco (39%), Vancouver (39%), New York (35%). Congestion levels were up across the board.

Looking at TomTom’s historical data, traffic congestion is up by 23% globally since 2008, according to TomTom. 

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet