Missouri motorists may be required to move over for utility trucks at work, pending new legislation.

The state's "Slow Down and Move Over Law" requires motorists to slow down and change lanes when approaching law enforcement, emergency vehicles, first responders, and certain Missouri Department of Transportation vehicles with flashing lights, to leave the lane closest to the vehicle open.

With House Bill 85, private and public utility workers would be added to the list. The bill was approved by the House on February 20 and has moved to the Senate for further debate.

"Our law enforcement, first responders, and transportation and utility workers are out there year-round, working in all types of weather conditions. They are the ones responding to traffic accidents, maintaining our roads and bridges, and keeping our lights on. Unfortunately, with all the available technology we have today, drivers have more distractions than ever before thus endangering the lives of those who work on our roadways," State Senator Dan Hegeman said in a statement.