Photo via Michigan DOT

Photo via Michigan DOT

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (R) has signed new legislation that could eventually increase speed limits on certain roadways and also includes an increase from 60 to 65 mph for commercial trucks.

The bills, HBs 4423-2227, will allow the speed limit to be raised to 75 mph on 600 miles of freeways and up to 65 mph on at least 900 miles of non-freeway “M” roads. The bills also increase the maximum speed limit for trucks from 60 mph to 65 mph.

However, the speed limit increases will take effect only after the state conducts studies to ensure safety is not affected.

The increases will be approved if safety and engineering studies show that the 85th percentile of speeds currently driven on those roads allow for it. The bill will also adjust measures used by insurers to determine eligibility for auto insurance.

“Ensuring that all Michiganders are safe while operating vehicles on our state’s roadways is critically important, and these bills allow for appropriately increased speed limits on certain roadways after safety studies are conducted,” said Snyder.

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Originally posted on Trucking Info