Photo courtesy of Southern California Gas Company

Photo courtesy of Southern California Gas Company

Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas) has conducted more than 700,000 comprehensive safety inspection of meter set assemblies, which connect a natural gas pipeline from the street to the customer's gas line.

These inspections were completed during the first year of the utility's Meter Set Assembly Inspection program, which replaced prior safety inspection programs to include Advanced Meter technology. SoCalGas expects to complete more than two million inspections in 2017 through the new program.

To complete these inspections, the utility used mid-sized trucks, sedans, and heavy-duty trucks for difficult terrain. The fleet is comprised of a combination of dedicated and hybrid natural gas, electric, and gasoline vehicles. 

Vehicles were utilized for transportation to central locations allowing the meter inspection representatives to efficiently work their routes on foot and return to the vehicle. SoCalGas fleet vehicles traveled a little more than 300 miles through the program in 2016.