Schematic courtesy of FCA US.

Schematic courtesy of FCA US.

Wards Auto picked seven turbocharged engines and three hybrid-electric motors as its top powerplants for the 2017 model year.

The list didn't include a V-8 engine for the first time in 23 years and two engines return from a year ago.

The list includes the BMW M240i's 3.0L turbocharged DOHC I-6, Chevrolet Volt's 1.5L DOHC 4-cyl. dual motor EREV, Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid's 3.6L DOHC V-6 dual motor PHEV, Ford Focus RS's 2.3L turbocharged DOHC 4-cyl., Honda Accord Hybrid's 2.0L DOHC 4-cyl./Dual Motor HEV, Hyundai Elantra Eco's 1.4L turbocharged DOHC 4-cyl., Infiniti Q50's 3.0L turbocharged DOHC V-6, Mazda CX-9's 2.5L turbocharged DOHC 4-cyl., Mercedes-Benz C300's 2.0L turbocharged DOHC 4-cyl., and Volvo V60 Polestar's 2.0L turbo/supercharged DOHC 4-cyl.

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