Truck bodybuilder VT Hackney has appointed Steve Miller as its president and CEO, following the retirement of Mike Tucker, who led the company for 15 years.

Miller previously served as president of Waltco Lift Corp. and before that held the position of vice president of sales for Morgan Olson, LLC.

"Mike has done a great job diversifying the products under both the Hackney and Kidron brands," said Miller. "I look forward to working with VT Hackney team members and customers and begin the next chapter of VT Hackney. The transportation and delivery markets that we participate in are changing and adapting, and I feel we are positioned to take advantage of those opportunities."

VT Hackney was recently awarded a contract to develop prototypes for the USPS for its Next Generation Delivery Vehicle program. The company has also introduced various products over the past 18 months, including the SideKick beverage and vending body, ColdSled commercial cooler, and a line of commercial shelving targeting the contractor service industry.

VT Hackney is a division of VT Systems.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet