The 2017 Ford Super Duty Trailer Reverse Guidance system features Magna International Inc.'s vision-based driver-assistance technologies, the company announced.

Magna's Eyeris driver-assistance technology supports the Trailer Reverse Guidance system jointly developed by Magna and Ford. Image-processing software determines the angle between truck and trailer and provides the most appropriate view to the driver, depending on the trailer's trajectory. Three high-resolution cameras and a color-coded bird's-eye diagram of the truck help warn the driver of potential jackknife conditions. Additional technology shows the driver the required steering wheel movement for reversing in a straight line.

The Magna camera technology helps make the Super Duty camera and display for Trailer Reverse Guidance exclusive in the pickup truck segment and best-in-class for any mass market vehicle. Magna has multiple patents on the trailer angle detection and guidance technology.

Magna's back-up driver assistance systems are already used in the F-Series. When designing the all-new Super Duty, Ford Motor Company tapped Magna to build an even more sophisticated towing and trailering system to meet Super Duty customer needs. Because Ford Super Duty drivers tow frequently, Magna worked with the Ford team to develop advanced tools and high-definition cameras to create a 360-degree view for the driver.

"Ford approached Magna to develop a solution for Super Duty customers, for whom trailering and towing is a priority," said Swamy Kotagiri, chief technology officer at Magna. "For two years, dozens of Magna engineers from the U.S., Germany and Canada worked together with Ford engineers to develop technology to enable Trailer Reverse Guidance, which makes trailering safer and more convenient. We are proud to support Ford with this innovation."

Trailer Reverse Guidance is the latest driver-assist technology supplied by Magna, which supplies camera systems to more than 60% of major OEMs around the world.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet