Photo via flickr/Chris Hunkeler

Photo via flickr/Chris Hunkeler

A number of reports from Navigant Research and Fitch Ratings tackle the issues that arise as EV adoption grows and more utilities seek to integrate energy storage into their operations.

Fitch Ratings reports that rapid advances in battery technology could negatively impact utilities that do not adapt quickly enough. As battery technologies continue to develop dramatically, EV adoption is expected to increase. The report suggests utilities to adjust their strategy and prepare for this increased adoption.

Utility Energy Storage Strategies, a new report from Navigant Research, provides an overview of the issues utilities face as they seek to integrate energy storage. It covers cost-effective energy storage solutions available for utilities and grid operators, as well as examples of how utilities around the world are improving system reliability and lowering costs with new technologies.

Based on these reports, it seems that utilities will continue to face major changes in their operations.