Navistar has launched the Core Advantage Program, which is designed to help fleet owners reduce costs by helping them manage their core and remanufacturing activity.

Through new tools like the Navistar Core Management System software, fleets can streamline the process of tracking the turning in of used cores, such as engine blocks.

“Core [return] is a key part of the business and the Core Advantage Program demonstrates our commitment to provide the best tools in the industry for our fleet customers and help them reduce their operating costs,” said Joel Larsen, vice president, parts product management, Navistar. “The program will increase our product and service offerings, including Navistar’s private label brand Fleetrite parts and our OnCommand suite of value-added services. A good ‘core return’ program is key to a successful ‘reman’ program.”

Cores are employed to remanufacture a returned part and restore it to a “like new” condition. Remanufactured parts have the features and functionality of a new part and come with a warranty.

Navistar said that with its Core Advantage Program, fleets can have an account number and location codes within CMS, allowing it to see and run reports on purchases, return history, core eligibility, and core fallout rates across multiple locations.

Fleet owners can use the system to answer questions that include: Which locations have the most fallout? Are we buying the correct part? Which core eligibility will expire soon?

“The Core Advantage Program was built and designed by Eddie Wessler and his team, who run Navistar’s core operations and have over 100 years of combined experience in remanufacturing and core,” said Chintan Sopariwala, general manager of core and remanufacturing operations, Navistar. “The whole idea is to reduce the burden of managing cores for our customers."

To learn more about this program, fleets can contact Navistar Core Operations at 1-800-758-3771 or email

Originally posted on Trucking Info