In the latest of its ongoing reports on market conditions around the globe, Automotive Fleet has zeroed in on one of the tumultuous automotive market regions in the world — South America.

The reports are focused on the major South American markets, including Brazil, Argentina, and Chile, diving deep into the factors that are driving the automotive markets in these countries.

For instance, Brazil, a regional powerhouse just a year ago, has been rocked by political and economic scandals over the past 12 months that led to the removal of the country’s president, Dilma Rousseff, and has resulted in a significant contraction of Brazil’s automotive sales. Read the full report on Brazil here

Brazil’s neighbor, Argentina has been battered by a skyrocketing inflation rate that, as a consequence, dented fleet sales. Discover the reasons behind Argentina’s economic turmoil here

On the flip side, the report on Chile examines the market conditions making the country one of the region’s most prosperous and stable countries. Find out why Chile’s automotive market is thriving here

The quarterly Global Report is produced by the staff of Automotive Fleet with the support of General Motors. Each report focuses on several global regions, drilling down into the economic, cultural, and political conditions fueling their individual fleet and automotive markets.

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