PacLease’s recently introduced safety course program, PacTrainer, is now being offered as a complimentary one-year service when national account customers lease new Kenworth and Peterbilt trucks through PacLease.  

PacTrainer was developed in partnership with J.J. Keller and allows PacLease customers to take advantage of more than 360 online courses and video tutorials that can help fleets in their overall safety programs.

According to PacLease, safety continues to be a foremost concern for fleet operators. Examples of this can be seen in various industry reports such as the NPTC benchmark survey and the 2016 Beverage World fleet survey. As a result, more fleets are adding a safety component as part of driver incentive compensation.

PacLease’s PacTrainer program will be another component to help PacLease customers perform safely on the road. “We’re committed to helping our customers in all facets of their operation,” said Michelle Harry, PacLease’s director of marketing. “And, we know that a safe fleet brings costs down and adds to our customers’ bottom line – which is why we partnered with J.J. Keller to provide industry-leading safety information. We are confident that once our customers utilize PacTrainer's components, it will be a valuable addition to the programs they have in place.”  

The online program is accessible 24/7 and the interactive courses cover a host of topics ranging from hours-of-service training to extreme weather driving. “There are also work place, HR, and other safety compliance components to PacTrainer to give our customers comprehensive information that goes beyond driver training,” said Harry.

In addition, more than 100 full-length videos of safety topics are available through PacTrainer for remote viewing in a truck or in a classroom setting.