Photo: Mack Trucks

Photo: Mack Trucks

Mack Trucks is offering a lightweight version of the Mack Granite model, equipped with the 2017 MP 7 11-liter engine and mDrive HD 14-speed automated manual transmission aimed at concrete mixer applications.

The MP 7 11-liter engine received improvements for 2017, simplifying maintenance and improving efficiency. The MP7 is about 51 pounds lighter with up to 425 horsepower and 1,560 lb.-ft. of torque. The engine features an updated wave piston design and a common-rail fuel injection system to allow a more complete combustion of fuel, reducing emissions and improving efficiency.

Combined with a two-speed coolant pump, the new features help increase MP7 fuel efficiency by up to 2.1%, according to Mack.

“The Mack MP7 offers the power and performance to manage any task, but in a smaller displacement engine to provide weight savings,” said Tim Winkle, Mack construction product manager. “The integration with the Mack mDrive HD 14-speed allows for seamless communication among components so that the vehicle is always in the right gear without the driver having to manually shift, reducing driver fatigue and increasing safety. It also provides a deep ratio of 32:1 in the lowest creep gear to facilitate low-speed functionality such a curb pouring when needed.”

Mack Granite models for concrete mixer applications also come standard with Mack ClearTech One, a single-package Exhaust Aftertreatment System that frees up frame rail space and reduces weight by approximately 17 pounds. With Mack ClearTech One, the diesel particulate filter, selective catalytic reduction technology and diesel exhaust fluid dosing system are all combined into one unit. With the rail space gained, customers have more space to add water tanks and chutes with more wheelbase flexibility than before.

Mack Granite mixers come ready for upfit right from the factory with a rear-engine PTO, a special mixer cross member designed for mounting of the mixer barrel pump, frame rail transition plates for mixer body mounting and an additional access panel in the cab floor to service the rear-engine PTO.

Mack’s BodyLink III bodybuilder connector simplifies the installation of the body to the chassis and facilitates communication to the truck ECU without compromising quality from bodybuilder wire splicing.  Post block terminals are also conveniently located in the top of the dash for additional connection points.

Originally posted on Trucking Info