Photo: Nissan

Photo: Nissan

A fully commercial vehicle-to-grid (V2G) hub is now operating in Denmark, a result of a collaboration between global automotive manufacturer Nissan, multinational energy company and smart grid technologies companies Enel, and California-based company Nuvve, a V2G services provider.

The grid’s first customer, utility Frederiksberg Forsyning has installed 10 Enel V2G units and purchased 10 zero emission, 100 percent electric Nissan e-NV200 vans that will join the company’s fleet, at its headquarters in Copenhagen. When the e-NV200s are not in use, they can be plugged in to the new Enel V2G units on site and can receive energy from and provide energy back to the national grid on demand, effectively turning the vans into mobile energy solutions. The total capacity made available by the 10 kW Enel V2G chargers amounts to approximately 100 kW, according to the companies.

Nuvve is the provider of the platform that controls the power flow to and from the cars. The platform, initially developed by the University of Delaware and now supported and commercialized by Nuvve, ensures that the driver’s mileage needs are always met and optimizes the power available to the grid, according to the companies.

With Nissan electric vehicles, dual energy flow enabled by Enel V2G chargers and managed by Nuvve’s aggregation platform, Frederiksberg Forsyning will become an active participant in Denmark’s energy management system, helping to stabilize and balance demand on the grid, according to the companies.

By participating in this initial project, Danish grid operator said it is keen to apply the findings from the commercial implementation of the V2G hub to adapt the national network in order to better integrate EVs and provide ancillary services to stabilize the grid.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet