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Landscaping service vehicles equipped with Fleetmatics telematics systems worked the most hours in West Virginia, increased productivity during the spring and summer, and traveled more than 100 miles per day, according to data from the telematics provider.

Fleetmatics pulled data for the 2015 calendar year from more than 19,000 vehicles using telematics technology embedded in the vehicles that records and logs activity in real time.

Findings included that the average vehicle travels 111 miles per day and works an average of 9.5 hours per day. In some cases, the vehicles were in service for 11.4 hours per day.

West Virginia topped the list for the most hours worked during a day. Other states in teh top 10 include New Mexico, Colorado, Alabama, Utah, Montana, North Dakota, South Carolina, Louisiana, and Oklahoma.

Also, the average landscaping vehicle makes eight stops per day. The vehicles average 8.3 stops per day in the spring and summer, while averaging 6.8 during the winter. Spring and summer productivity increases 22% on average.

Fleetmatics broke down the data by region, and found that the Southwest and West are the busiest in the spring and summer. Other regions studied include the Northeast, Midwest, and Southeast.

When compared to other service fleets, lawn and garden service providers are the second most productive behind pest management. Other service fleets include HVAC and plumbing, electrical work, roofing and siding, residential and non-residential construction, and cleaning services.

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