Photo courtesy of XL Hybrids.

Photo courtesy of XL Hybrids.

Chicago-area HVAC servicer Climatemp Service Group has added four Chevrolet Express vans to its fleet that have been modified so they operate as hybrids to enhance fuel efficiency for the company, according to vehicle modifier XL Hybrids.

XL Hybrids, Inc. installed its XL3 Hybrid Electric Drive system on the service vans for Climatemp Service Group, which provides commercial heating and cooling equipment and HVAC maintenance services in the metropolitan Chicago area.

“We serve as our customers’ eyes and ears regarding their heating and cooling equipment, providing them with expert advice for more than 60 years,” said Paul Szymczak, general manager of Climatemp Service Group. “Thanks to XL Hybrids, we’re now able to deliver on our promise in a greener, cleaner way. We expect XL Hybrids’ technology to enhance our fleet’s fuel efficiency, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.”

The XL3 Hybrid Electric Drive System features regenerative braking that is designed to save fuel. An electric motor slows the vehicle when the driver brakes or doesn't accellerate to charge the battery. When the driver accelerates, the battery releases the energy to the electric motor.

XL Hybrids also equipped Climatemp’s four new vans with its XL Link cloud-based fleet vehicle connectivity and analytics system, according to the company. XL Link measures fuel economy performance, fuel savings, and carbon-dioxide reduction.

“We look forward to helping Climatemp Service Group, which is a family-owned business with a 20-vehicle fleet, increase MPG with our seamless hybrid electric solution,” said Clay Siegert, co-founder and chief operating officer of XL Hybrids. “Since our XL3 system requires no driver training, no special plugs, or charging or fueling infrastructure, the Climatemp team can focus even more on their customers, and spend less time at the gas pump.”