Photo via Wikipedia.

Photo via Wikipedia.

Federal agents arrested a former Toys "R" Us logistics director at his New Jersey home on March 22 for allegedly stealing nearly $2 million from the company with its fleet cards.

Daniel Chon, 28, was released March 23 on a $500,000 bond for the fraud scheme that occurred between May 2, 2013 and March 10, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of New York via

Chon exploited the company's fleet cards, which include an eCash feature that allows a user to load funds to a card and withdraw the funds at an ATM.

During a nearly three-year period, an employee with the username Chon logged into the company's secure fleet card system and loaded the cards with eCash on 117 different occasions totaling $1.91 million.

Chon then allegedly approved payments from Toys "R" Us. In addition, about $1.88 million in eCash funds were withdrawn from ATMs in the U.S. and in Europe. Security photos show Chon completing these transactions, according to the complaint.

Cash withdrawals were made in New Jersey locations such as Franklin Lakes in Bergen County as well as in London, Madrid, and Berlin.

Authorities say Chon also deposited about $405,000 and $216,000 into checking accounts for which he was the only signatory.

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