Chart via Fleetmatics.

Chart via Fleetmatics.

Fleetmatics Group has identified New Mexico and New Jersey as the states with the highest number of commercial driving accidents in the third edition of its FleetBeat Report that analyzes the driving behavior of fleets.

An average of 2.5 severe driving incidents occur per every 1,000 miles driven by service-based vehicles, according to the report. The top 10 states with the most severe driving incidents include New Mexico, New Jersey, North Carolina, Texas, Louisiana, Ohio, Missouri, Indiana, Wisconsin, and West Virginia. The top 10 states with the least severe driving incidents include North Dakota, Delaware, Alabama, Iowa, Illinois, Rhode Island, Oklahoma, Maryland, Massachusetts, and New York.

The report also looked at specific industries. Public administration, heavy construction and engineering services, automotive repair, pest control, and retail/hardware/ home furniture/ equipment had the most severe driving incidents, according to the report. On the other hand, freight transportation and warehousing, roofing and siding, lawn and garden, electrical work, and food products/food storage/non-durable goods reported the least severe driving incidents.

In the report, severe driving incidents included harsh acceleration, harsh braking, hard turns (corners), and speeding over 80 mph. The more severe driving incidents recorded by a driver, the more his or her overall safety score will be negatively impacted compared to his or her peers, according to Fleetmatics.

Within eight weeks of implementing a fleet management solution, 29% of new Fleetmatics customers experience an improvement in driving behavior. After 36 weeks, more than one-third of customers saw an improvement in their fleet’s driving behavior.

“Safety is a critical component in the operation of any business,” said Jonathan Durkee, vice president of product management at Fleetmatics. “By implementing and optimizing fleet management solutions, businesses have access to driving behavioral data that can help significantly improve drivers’ habits. Fleetmatics uses data-driven reporting tools to analyze fleet activity that can set regional and industry benchmarks for safe and efficient fleet management.”

There are almost 27.6 million commercial vehicles in use in the U.S., according to Berg Insight, a market research firm. These commercial fleets include class 1-5 vehicles and account for 1 in 10 registered U.S. vehicles on the road today.

Fleetmatics’ SaaS-enabled fleet management service examined data from approximately 177,000 of its customers’ service-based vehicle from October 2014 to October 2015.

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