The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company has completely revamped its commercial tire website,, to help fleets find the Goodyear Total Solution that’s right for them.

Optimized for all devices – including mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers – the website’s new “My Solutions Finder” tool presents a wholly personalized Goodyear Total Solution of trusted products, reliable services, business solutions, and a nationwide Goodyear network to fleets, based on the information they provide.

“With just a few keystrokes, fleets can find a customized Goodyear Total Solution that’s uniquely suited to them,” said Dustin Lancy, business solutions and digital brand manager, Goodyear.

The website’s “My Solutions Finder” tool also connects users to their nearest Goodyear Commercial Tire & Service Network dealer.

In addition, the site features enhanced tire and retread selectors, which allow fleets to search for products by application, vocation, name, size, technologies, and SmartWay verification.

“We’ve made it even easier to find our retread products, which are an important element of the Goodyear Total Solution,” said Lancy.



Fleets also can request sales follow-ups from Goodyear. And Goodyear has updated its Fuel Savings Calculator, which is a key part of the site.

“This powerful tool shows how Goodyear truck tires stack up against the competition in fuel economy and just how much fuel fleets can save by using Goodyear tires,” Lancy noted. “On top of these exciting features, the site also provides information about other Goodyear services and tools, such as 24/7 Goodyear-Fleet HQ Emergency Roadside Service, Goodyear’s Tire Trac online tire management system, and more.”

In addition, the site gives owner-operators and small to mid-size fleets the ability to connect to the Goodyear Smart Fleet portal, where they can enroll in the Goodyear Smart Fleet program.

“The Goodyear Smart Fleet program provides owner-operators and small to mid-size fleets with access to premium Goodyear products, the 24/7 Goodyear-Fleet HQ Emergency Roadside Service program, and other amenities traditionally enjoyed by large fleets,” said Lancy. “The Goodyear Total Solution is designed to help fleets reduce their operating costs, and our revamped Web site will help play an important role in achieving this.”