With funding from the California Energy Commission, Calstart has opened the San Joaquin Valley Clean Transportation Center, aimed at accelerating the user of clean vehicles and fuels in the region.

The center will provide technical assistance, project development expertise and support with acquiring funding for San Joaquin Valley vehicle fleet owners, local governments, businesses and residents.

The project is part of an effort to expand the use of zero-emissions vehicles, clean trucks and high-efficiency non-road equipment.

Located at the Fresno Chandler Executive Airport, the new center is ramping up operations in the area into early 2016 and will act as a virtual center for the entire valley from Bakersfield to Stockton.

In addition to the California Energy Commission grant, the Southern California Gas Company provided $200,000 in matching funds to support the center.

"The San Joaquin Valley Clean Transportation Center is part of a larger strategy to address regional clean-air needs across the state," said Janea A. Scott, commissioner at the California Energy Commission. "The Energy Commission is pleased to provide a $1.2 million grant to fund this center, which will help local residents, governments and businesses collaborate on advanced transportation solutions and accelerate their progress toward meeting the Valley's clean-air goals."

The center has connections with a national network of manufacturers, suppliers and fleet which it plans to use to further the cause of clean transportation.

Joseph Oldham will be the director. He has held a number of positions in the clean transportation industry, including flee acquisition supervisor for the City of Fresno. Most recently, he served as the statewide local government energy efficiency coordinator for the Local Government Commission, a non-profit group working with cities in California to implement building efficiency and sustainability programs.  

"Joseph is a very skilled person who has a solid track record of working with people in industry and government to identify and implement practical solutions that are good for the environment and the economy," said John Boesel, president and CEO of Calstart. “We are also pleased to have Joseph on the team as he is a Fresno native and has a strong network in the region.”

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet