Photo: TBEI

Photo: TBEI

Inventor, engineer, and businessman Eldon D. Jones has passed away at the age of 90. Jones was the founder of dump body and hoist manufacturer Crysteel Manufacturing in Lake Crystal, Minn. He was the inventor of the Lo-Boy hoist, which went on to become the industry standard for truck hoists, according to the company.

It was on the strength of this product that Jones and his wife, Helen, founded Crysteel Manufacturing in 1969. A year later, a Small Business Administration loan allowed them to open the Crysteel Manufacturing facility in Lake Crystal, Minn. In 1980, the company began manufacturing dump bodies based on Jones’ designs.

Jones retired as President of Crysteel Manufacturing in 1990, with Helen succeeding him. In 1994, their son Peter became president, and in 2005, Crysteel was acquired by Truck Bodies & Equipment International, Inc. (TBEI). Though retired, Eldon Jones still maintained his inventor’s spirit by continuously coming up with new ideas, and working with Crysteel and TBEI engineers to turn his ideas into products right up until the time of his passing, according to the company.

“In terms of this industry, Eldon Jones’ name is synonymous with quality, innovation and hard work. Eldon is very well known and respected for his accomplishments. He is that rare breed of individual that is able to take an idea and turn it into something special. He will be greatly missed, but his achievements will stand as an impressive and enduring legacy,” said TBEI President and CEO Bob Fines

Originally posted on Trucking Info