Photo via CDOT

Photo via CDOT

The Colorado Department of Transportation is implementing a Traction Law and Passenger Vehicle Chain Law to reduce the amount of congestion and wrecks on the Interstate 70 Mountain Corridor.

Under the new rules, when weather conditions require it the CDOT will implement the new laws requiring passenger vehicles to either have appropriate tires for the weather situation, 4-wheel drive and chains or alternative traction devices during severe winter storms.

The rules are a continuation of campaigns by CDOT, the Colorado State Patrol, the I-70 Coalition and the Colorado Motor Carriers Association from last year that were able to reduce accidents with fatalities or injuries by 35% and decreased weather related accidents overall by 46%.

When either of the laws is in effect, motorists can be fined more than $130 for not having proper equipment or more than $650 if they block the roadway. The Colorado State Patrol will not be proactively checking for proper equipment but have the option of issuing a ticket when they respond to an incident.

“We spent last year educating the public about the need for good tires and they listened, with more than 70% saying they checked their tires before traveling in the I-70 corridor,” said Amy Ford, CDOT director of communications. “Drivers should expect in general when they see a chain law required for truckers that the traction law will likely be required for passenger vehicles.”

To help ensure that motorists comply, CDOT is partnering with tire companies across the state to provide discounts on winter tires. They will also lead tire checks at resorts and major events to let motorists know if their tires meet the requirements of the Traction Law.

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Originally posted on Automotive Fleet