Vehicle market analyst IHS Automotive has identified over 500,000 businesses operating fleets of up to 250 vehicles that are expected to purchase new commercial vehicle in the next 15 months.

These fleets represent over 2.5 million vehicles and were identified through the IHS Return-To-Market Commercial Vehicle Predictor which is available through IHS Automotive. The Return-To-Market tool identifies when small- and mid-sized fleets will return to the market to purchase another new Class 1-8 commercial vehicle.

“The new solution from IHS Automotive responds to a critical industry need and raises the standard for lead generation and prospecting in the commercial vehicle market to a level not previously available,” said Gary Meteer, director, commercial vehicle solutions at IHS Automotive.

The predictor applies the analyst’s commercial vehicle insight, expertise and data resources to identify when a business purchased their last new commercial vehicle and identifies when they are likely to return to market.

The RTM Commercial Vehicle Predictor was developed and proven over the past year to confirm its capabilities, according to IHS. This solution is now available to provide insight and guidance, inform key business decisions and investment, and offer a level of forward-looking intelligence on growth potential for all sectors of the commercial vehicle market.  

“We believe the results allow our clients and others in the industry to significantly improve their accuracy in targeting prospects both as an integral part of a strategic plan, as well as for short-term tactical action,” Meteer said.  “This improved targeting will assist our clients in identifying  ideal businesses by geographic location and manufacturer loyalty to better focus their marketing activities on the best and most ideal prospects.”

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Originally posted on Automotive Fleet