Courtesy of Efficient Drivetrains Inc.

Courtesy of Efficient Drivetrains Inc. 

Efficient Drivetrains Inc. (EDI) has developed a compressed natural gas and plug-in hybrid electric medium-duty logistics truck that can achieve 40 miles of all-electric range or 27 mpg gasoline equivalent when in hybrid mode using a newly designed powertrain, the company announced.

EDI designed the plug-in hybrid electric powertrain and battery pack for the vehicle in partnership with Greenkraft, CALSTART, and the California Energy Commission. It then integrated the powertrain into a Greenkraft 14,500-pound Class 4 CNG truck, according to the company.

The vehicle was scheduled to be unveiled at an event hosted by CALSTART at the Southern California Gas Energy Resource Tuesday. CALSTART will manage on-road emissions and fuel economy testing after the event.

EDI's powertrain has a lightweight and modular form that allows for easy optimization into a range of vehicle types, according to the company. The powertrain also has the benefit of only creating minimal changes to the original vehicle chassis and frame.

Originally posted on Trucking Info