As the biggest automobile market in Gulf area with sales of 1.6 million vehicles annually, Iran Chinese auto brands have seen the growth of their brands, fueled, in part, by Western economic sanctions, which have caused American and European brands to exit the market.

Since it entered into the Iranian automotive market, JAC products have gained a foothold. In 2014, the passenger car market boosted a sharp growth and exported CKD 15,000 units, up by 700 percent compared to 2013. In the first half of 2015, JAC had exported 20,165 units to Iran, growing by 256 percent, which has passed the last year’s total export volume, according to the company.

JAC has continued to introduce the new products and maintained the products’ diversity to boost the market. In August 2015, JAC launched the N721 narrow body truck (N56) into the market.

Recently, in order to satisfy market demand, the JAC Iran plant has expanded production to three shifts and monthly output up to 3,500 units, according to the company.

Another model that has seen growth in the market is the S5 SUV. The vehicle is being produced for a variety of JAC’s markets, including, Brazil, the Middle East, and Iran. For the Iranian market, JAC is producing the S5 Iran Model. This model is equipped with 1.5TGDI engine and either a 6MT or 6DCT transmission.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet