Photo courtesy of BFGoodrich.

Photo courtesy of BFGoodrich.

Michelin North America is recalling 104,000 BFGoodrich tires made for commercial light trucks, some pickup trucks, full-size vans and small RVs because they’re at risk for sidewall ruptures in the bead area, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said.

“BFGoodrich has observed that a limited number of these tires experienced a rapid loss of air pressure due to a rupture of the sidewall in the bead area under severe usage conditions,” the company said in a released statement. “This can result in a potential risk of loss of vehicle control or vehicle crash. At this time, there have been no injuries or fatalities reported.”

Michelin North America owns and operates the BFGoodrich tires brand.

The tires involved in this recall include:

BFGoodrich dealers will replace the defective tires, free of charge. Tire owners can reach BFGoodrich at (866) 524-2638.

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