Telematics provider Zonar Systems has partnered with ATG Risk Solutions to offer risk management and underwriting programs to fleet customers through a clearinghouse.

ATG Risk Solutions created the FAIR Score, a safe driving index compiled from billions of miles of driving data sourced from the insurance industry's first telematics Clearinghouse. Under terms of the agreement, Zonar's fleet clients can access programs offered by commercial insurance carriers that have joined the ATG Clearinghouse program.

The captured Zonar data can include VIN, time, date, geo-location, acceleration, braking, cornering, and G-Force of impact, all examples of data points that can assist claims adjusters in more quickly and more accurately assessing the cause and severity of collisions and verifying the facts of the claim.

As a result, insurance providers can also offer incentives and discounts to fleet customers for increasing their safety score, and fleet operators can better estimate the cost of their policies.